Information about travelling to you, or travelling together

Fly Me To You:

Whilst I currently reside in Sydney, Australia, I am very aware that you may be reading this from anywhere in the world! As an avid traveller, I’m as comfortable on the road as I am in my home city. I would be delighted to discuss travelling to you, no matter where you are or where you’d like to meet.

Every destination has its own set of logistics and each journey is unique. Hence, we can talk about the best and most efficient way for me to reach you and agree on a plan together. This can also be an opportunity for us to get to know each other beforehand to help you feel confident about our meeting.

Whether its a day-trip, overnight, or an extended stay, reach out to me if you would like to arrange to fly me to you! Everybody’s circumstances are different, yet our needs are the same. There’s no reason why where you live should prevent you from access to anything your heart desires…


He has a calmness and a presence that just takes the edge off and transports me to a totally different place… I feel seen, and loved. I cannot put a price on that.”

~ Bridget


I take great pride in giving you my full availability, and I am primarily loyal to your needs. As such, I choose not to arbitrarily tour or travel for the sake of it.

Outside of Sydney, I only offer private travel arrangements, and would love to discuss meeting you at your most convenient time and in your ideal place.

If you have any hesitations or doubts about booking Sam know he is the best male escort around. He will treat you with kindness and empathy and will always act with the utmost respect and professionalism”

~ L. L.

On the road:

In addition to travelling to you, I can of course travel with you! Whether on the road for work or taking that holiday you’ve always wanted to, having a partner to share it with makes everything a lot more fun and exciting.

I am available to accompany you to wherever in the world your destination lies… and together we can turn a lonely trip into something memorable. Close companionship while travelling can often be even more important than when we’re home and in a familiar place.

You could also be itching to step out of your comfort zone, but might not be sure of where to start? I would love to guide you in the right direction and lend some of my experience towards organising the perfect trip for you, no matter what stage of the planning process you’re at. 

No idea, fantasy or destination is too far! Whatever you have in mind, touch base with me and we can chat about what’s possible.

It never hurts to ask…

“Sam gave me a truly wonderful experience. I got to feel that spark when you first connect with someone really special… a word that cannot encompass how extraordinary a man he is. He is a true gentleman – in a smoking hot disguise. While it was his gorgeous photos that drew me to his profile (and they really don’t do him justice – be prepared to lose yourself in the arctic blue of his eyes!), it was his compassion and authenticity in our earliest communications that persuaded me to finally take the leap. And yes, he is exactly the man described in his profile (and more).”
 – Incurableromantic  23 June 2023
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