I had the pleasure of Sam’s company for lunch last week and I was totally blown away. He is not only gorgeous on the outside with the most beautiful eyes, but he is more importantly gorgeous on the inside. It is not often that you get to meet an awesome human with a beautiful soul in this world and Sam is definitely that. He is one of the kindest individuals I have met. You can easily tell that he is not putting on an act for the job but that this is genuinely the way he has been his whole life. The conversation flowed so well that we were early for our date and we were the last to leave the restaurant because we forgot about eating. The communication before and after our date was exemplary. I will definitely be seeing Sam again. My favourite escort so far. This one is the keeper! Ha ha.”

– Ms N  29 June 2022

When I first contacted Sam I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for me, or if I’d ever have the courage to go through with it. I felt no pressure from Sam and we chatted about how I felt and what made me think to reach out to him. Dating has always been more miss than hit, and I had become really tired of the same old dates and the loneliness and disappointment that usually followed. Even when I made the booking with Sam to have a chat over drinks I was terribly unsure of whether I would be ok to progress further from there. But honestly, Sam was so engaging, easy to talk to and a genuinely interesting person I felt immediately at ease and comfortable sharing myself with him. There really is something to be said for engaging the services of a professional, and I’m looking forward to next time!”

– Alex M  30 May 2022

It is with mixed feelings I write this testimonial as tbh I don’t really want to share this particular secret, but Sam is such a special soul, I feel it’d be wrong to keep him to myself. It was a great honour to be Sam’s 1st Brissy client during his 1st tour here recently. Everything…the chats leading up to meeting him, the stimulating, easy flowing conversation over a meal & drinks, the hot as sex & the lovely after cuddles, were a complete pleasure. So much so I organised a 2nd date with him during his visit!

I booked Sam as part of my own journey of self discovery/exploration & due to some negative previous experiences with males. I could not have asked for a better date! He really is the complete package… incredibly sexy & sensual, intelligent, deep, down to earth & most importantly has a beautiful heart. <3

It was easy to be vulnerable with him despite the fact I sometimes struggle with this. End of the day (night) Sam left me both satisfied & wanting more….can’t ask for much more from such an experience! This wont be the last time I see this beautiful man. 🙂 “

– Carma  6 July 2022

I recently seen Sam for a four hour booking. It was such a great night. Conversation flowed really easily and he is just such a genuinely nice and caring person which really came across straight away!

He was just amazing in the bedroom also. Experiencing things with him that I had never experienced before!! Thanks so much for an awesome night Sam. I most certainly would love to see him again.”

– Stacey  19 May 2022

Sam was the best decision I’ve made in recent history. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to book someone without knowing much about them, and so I am very grateful for our little coffee catch up prior. We chatted like friends over coffee. But when we caught up the second time he surpassed my every expectation…. His touch is incredible, he spent the time figuring out exactly what I like and then executed it better than I could of imagined. He is wicked good looking, very easy to talk to and managed to make me feel very very comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you, for a wonderful night, and one I wish to repeat.”

– S. P.  25 May 2021

A gentleman with a thrilling hint of mystery… not many men can make me feel comfortable and excited at the same time. I had an amazing time with Sam and highly recommend him to anyone on here – thanks Sam!”

– Catt  28 April 2022

I had my first booking with Sam last weekend and it was the most beautiful and special night of my life. Sam was immediately attentive from our initial emails and his warmth, kindness and humour was immediately felt. He met me in the hotel lobby with those gorgeous blue eyes and cheeky smile and the warmest hug and all my nerves dissolved. We went for cocktails and when we got back to our hotel he brought out his guitar and sang for me (and what a beautiful voice).

I cannot put into words how amazing Sam is, I loved every minute of our time together and am looking forward to our next romantic interlude xx”

– Ms L  20 July 2022

Sam was a complete gentleman and professional who ensured I was comfortable and having my needs met. Considerate, emotionally intuitive, intelligent and incredibly easy on the eyes – highly recommend.”

– HH  23 August 2022

Sam is everything you want an escort to be – good-looking, smart, fit, great company, and a master in the bedroom! I’ve seen him a few times now and somehow it always gets better, as he pays attention and goes to great lengths to make me happy. I take that satisfaction with me into my regular day-to-day, and honestly it makes such a huge difference. I feel lighter, happier, more peaceful. I’m grateful for all the little details, from my first email Sam has been attentive and considerate. The perfect gentleman.”

– Ms Belle  29 June 2022

This is going to be quite a long testimonial, but I want to be able to fully express my experience and help others with the same barriers I experienced. I’ve tried to keep it as open and honest as possible. If TL;DR: Sam is amazing and I would recommend him a thousand times over.

Before booking Sam I had actually been on scarlet blue for quite a while pondering the idea. Booking someone was more an idea I played with rather than a serious plan. I was very hesitant and nervous to even reach out to someone! I eventually did though, and messaged a few male escorts. Sam responded promptly and we had a very open conversation via email. He immediately made me feel at ease. There was no judgement, nor did he brush me off. He was able to answer my many (sometimes silly) questions and I was no longer so nervous. We planned to meet a week after initial contact. I was still a little nervous by this point – it felt a bit like a dream.

When we did meet it was even better than I had imagined. He was confident, calm, and sexy. I felt like I’d known him forever (I’d recommend reading through his profile… it helped me massively to calm my initial nerves regarding conversation). We spent the four hours talking, laughing, drinking red wine and relaxing… plus a few other things. I was particularly nervous about the sexual side of things.. though honest to god the sex was amazing. I felt so comfortable in his presence and he made me feel incredibly sexy.

We have since had four more dates, each time has been better than the last. Our meetings have made me so much more confident in my daily life as well as in the bedroom. I feel like I’ve stumbled across a gold mine, and I want other women out there to know how liberating this experience is ♥️

Much love,

– L Piper  1 August 2022

My husband and I are lucky enough to have had Sam join us for a wonderful evening. Sam was everything I could have hoped for.
From the moment I met Sam he put me completely at ease. He has such a beautiful, calming energy, is so easy to talk to, attentive and he has some serious skills.
The dynamic between the three of us was just incredible. Sam listened to what we were comfortable with and was very respectful. And let me mention again-he has some skills.
We have invited a few men into our relationship before, and Sam has by far been the best. I cannot recommend this beautiful man more! We will be seeing Sam again, he was just everything we fantasies about.
Thank you so much Sam x”

– Mrs M  6 September 2022

Recently booked Sam after having a bad experience with a guy and I’m so glad I did. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Sam puts you at ease, is always down to listen and just goes with the flow. The most down to earth and chill escort out there. He’s really easy to talk to and super respectful. Luckily not too respectful 😉

He’s so hot it’s almost overwhelming and knows exactly what he’s doing. He really takes his time to figure out exactly what you like and what gets you off and then does it with ease. Made me feel happy and gave me multiple orgasms. What more could you ask for? I’m already planning my next booking. Book Sam you won’t be disappointed x”

– L. L.  9 May 2022

I had already written a testimonial for Sam after I saw him for my first time about three months ago. However after booking him multiple times since then I just had to write another testimonial to acknowledge just how fantastic he is at his job.

It goes without saying he is unbelievably attractive and sexy. We’ve all seen his profile photos after all. However he is somehow even hotter then his photos. However aside from looks he is the most engaging, friendly, courteous and charming escort I have ever booked.

I decided to write a second testimonial because since my first booking he has made every subsequent time I have spent with him better then the last. He puts great thought into making every time unique and pleasurable. The sex is genuinely the best, most earth shattering, mind blowing sex I have ever had.

I leave every encounter with Sam feeling happy, satisfied, blissed out and exhausted. I can’t stop smiling for days after seeing him. I was telling a friend about my bookings with Sam and that if I died tomorrow I’d be fine with that because I’d had such a great sexual experience. Ultimately Sam enables me to explore my sexuality, desires and fantasies in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

If you have any hesitations or doubts about booking Sam know he is the best male escort around. He will treat you with kindness and empathy and will always act with the upmost respect and professionalism. I could not recommend Sam highly enough.”

– L. L.  5 July 2022

This is my second testimonial for Sam as I wanted to let others know how great a date with him is. I asked Sam to come to my place for an overnight date as I really didn’t feel like going out as I was just getting over Covid and still really tired. He didn’t mind at all. And I should mention that his constant little emails checking in when I was literally wishing to die (I was very sick for over a week) helped me get through it all. Kiss hello – tick; brought the ice and cocktail shaker – tick; made the cocktails – tick; non-stop great conversation – definitely big tick; rearranged the lighting in the bedroom – you guessed it, another tick. Walking up behind you and cuddling you when you are cooking breakfast- well what can I say. Sam makes you feel really loved. I might not have said anything but I did notice all the little things he did to make me feel special, safe and cared for. There were no awkward moments, it was like we had known each other for years. I am going to be smiling for weeks as Sam showed me (and treated me) the way every woman should be treated and I have not had that for a long time. I can’t wait for our next date. Definitely the best escort by far.”

– Ms N  24 August 2022

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