About Me


I have led an extremely unique and exciting life…

My passion for different experiences drove me to new frontiers from a young age, as I devoured as much as life could offer as fast as it could be presented to me.

Instead of following a traditional career path, I always felt I could be more by forging my own way. Rather than spending half a decade at university, I preferred to learn by doing. Instead of clocking off at 5, I was compelled to use every hour of the day to its fullest. And rather than daydream and hope, I have always been driven to take action and made things happen.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realised just how different my approach was. By regularly placing myself in unfamiliar situations and routinely exposing myself to new experiences, I not only grew exponentially as a person, but also developed a healthy relationship with my ego through constantly being humbled by things I didn’t know or couldn’t do. I thoroughly believe that if you’re no longer learning, you’re no longer living!



A true master of his craft, Sam is genuine, makes a concerted effort to connect with you on a deep level and delivers on your desires. He really, really delivers!”

~ Julia

About Me
The journey is always more fascinating and rewarding than the destination…

As a young man I excelled at sports of all kinds, and through a combination of hard work and opportunity I was fortunate to compete at international level in several fields. I learned the value of consistency and discipline and that life’s best rewards come from the culmination of physical conditioning and mastery of one’s own psychology and emotion. To this day fitness and health remain a large part of my life and I strive to bring the best version of myself into everything I do.

To say I am well-travelled is an understatement, and I believe there is a big difference between travelling and going on holidays! As a mountaineer and alpinist, I have been to some of the most remote places on earth, and challenged myself in the face of extreme danger where there is no rulebook or guide to fall back on. Pushing the limits of what’s possible can reveal who you are more clearly than anything else, and as much as I love sipping an icy cocktail on a sunny beach, adventure has always been the driving force behind my travels. Immersing yourself in different cultures and spending time living how others live all around the world gives you a perspective beyond our fortunate and abundant lives.

From a young age, I have always had an intense thirst for knowledge. I am a self-taught musician, an avid reader, have studied four languages, and have a boundless curiosity for life and our relationship with it. I am fascinated and immediately taken by anything I am unfamiliar with, especially people! Everyone I meet is incredibly unique and has their own story to tell, and I love nothing more than to connect with another human being, give them my full attention and learn about who they are and what makes them tick. After all, you learn more by listening than talking!

You name it, I’ve probably tried it. I have been a touring musician, flown solo cross-country flights in single-engine light aircraft, and crewed the open ocean as a sailor on a replica 16th-Century tall ship. I’ve ridden horses bareback through rivers and across vast plains, been caving hundreds of metres underground, and fought bushfires with the Rural Fire Service. I’ve hitch-hiked across New Zealand, motorbiked from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, and climbed the frozen peaks of Nepal – among many other things!

And all of those experiences have led me here…

About Me

He is respectful, considerate, and well-presented. He’s not pushy, there’s no arrogance about him at all, he is nothing but a true professional.”

~ Eleanor

Why am I an escort?

I have been very lucky in my life, although misfortune has not avoided me entirely either. Between the joys and successes that I have cultivated for myself, I have also experienced intense pain and loss in my journey too. Despite my age I have lived enough for several lifetimes, and combined with my strong empathy for others, this gives me the ability to find common ground with nearly anyone.

For me, being a male escort is not just about sex, it’s about connection. I am a companion who is first and foremost here to understand who you are and what you need. Oftentimes this isn’t physical at all. Intimacy comes in many forms, and sex is just one aspect of the deep connection we all need in our lives. I love being able to provide this crucial element of our shared human existence and hear about the positive residual effects it can have in all other areas of your life.

Nothing gives me more fulfilment than your satisfaction, whatever that may be for you…

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